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Our Approach

Where beauty and aesthetics are involved, women have always been instructed to be 'humble' and reserved. 

We decided that FulCosmetics is about the opposite. In a time where women have become expressive in whatever they feel, this brand caters to that progression. FulCosmetics is for the loud and proud, the bold and confident, and the one who dares to push new boundaries.

The Challenge

The beauty industry is one of the most profitable markets out there currently and continues to keep growing. As much as people love their go-to favourites, they're always looking for something new for variety. Research also revealed that a lot of current beauty brands do not have a digital app and just rely on website e-commerce. Times have changed. People want things at the tap of a button, behold - FulCosmetics.

Creating and designing a cosmetic brand with an app function concept that will hit the market running.

FulCosmetics is a beauty and cosmetic brand that promotes female empowerment and the way 

women choose to express themselves.

The brand has a playful and sassy yet bold tone that gives off confidence and uniqueness. 


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