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3 Common Branding Mistakes To Avoid

The sooner you spot these mistakes, the better! ↓

No specific niche

A niche is a focused area of a broader market. If you’re to find a niche that has underserved or unmet needs, the higher the chances are of targeting particular customers and having a clear focus. For example, a business may start a beauty brand that is broad in today’s society. But, if they niche a particular segment of the beauty industry, such as creating a foundation that has great coverage for black women between 45-54, is a great start.

This niche is very specific in terms of who the target audience is, age and race. Therefore, you have a clearer understanding and know exactly who you are catering for as a brand.

Lack of brand identity

Your brand’s identity is seen as the foundation pillar of the whole business, as it has the power to determine whether a customer will buy from you and remain loyal to the brand. E.g. repeat purchase.

Brand identity includes the visible elements of the brand such as the name, logo and the choice of colours. This has the power to influence a consumer by their appearance. Ensuring the visible elements of your brand are strong, clear and different, form the identity of your business and sets you apart from other similar brands. Your brand identity also includes your goals and values as a business. This is key for your audience to understand what type of business they are following and builds trust.

A lack of brand identity can result in confusion for the business and the potential customers. As well as missed out opportunities to grow and reach the targeted audience.

A complicated logo

A great logo comes down to the colour choice, font, simplicity, and has versatility. A well-designed logo will be easy to recognise and align with the brand image. Recognisable logos such as Nike, McDonald’s and Apple all carry similar logo characteristics. They are simple, versatile and fit well with the brand image.

A complicated logo will most likely not fit with the brand’s image. It may have a poor font, bright colours and be memorable… for the wrong reasons.

A sharp, memorable and clear logo is key to creating a great image for your brand.

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