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6 Reasons Why Social Media Breaks Are Important

There is no doubt that many of us have consumed many hours of social media time without realising. From 10 minutes turned into 1 hour effortlessly. We also realise that some of you may be better with social media and taking breaks than others. But, there is always something we can all learn from simply pressing pause and taking a break.

Below are 6 quick and important reasons why your social media breaks are important.

1. Time to recollect yourself and reflect

Reflect on your future goals and aspirations that you are aiming to achieve with fewer media disruption.

2. Less Information overload

The endless scrolling ability on social media platforms can lead to hoarding information, and taking up space instead of creating capacity for the things that do matter. Taking a break on social media can help you to become more intentional about what you want to see and what is not necessary.

3. Better creativity

The phrase ‘less is more’ certainly is something to consider. The less time you find yourself being exposed to so many posts, ideas and content, the more your brain will pick up the information you most need. This will help your creativity in different areas of your work as you can focus on what you would like to create as opposed to what you have seen others do.

4. Less comparison

In addition to the second point, we are constantly being exposed to so much information that our brains cannot even hold the capacity for. And with this, it can lead to being in a position of comparison. Comparing where you are, your work and any other crucial things that can hold you back, to where others show they are on social media. There is a positive and negative comparison. If you find yourself leaning more towards the negative comparison by negatively comparing your work, your abilities and yourself. Then a break would likely be beneficial.

5. Increased mood

The time away that you have reflecting on yourself, comparing less and having a decreased exposure to information, can help your mood, remain focused and stay aligned with yourself and your goals. Compared to staying more up to date with what can be gained on social media.

6. Establishes self boundaries

Instead of social media having control of you whenever you hear a notification, or when you aim to spend 5 minutes which then turns into 20. A break establishes boundaries within yourself and how you would like to spend your time. Hopefully, after a mini-break, you become more focused and aware of how you would like to spend your time on social media.

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