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Getting to know your demographic in the middle of a pandemic

GETTING TO KNOW YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC In this new post COVID era, it may seem near impossible for businesses and brands to execute effective marketing to their target audience. Between local lock-downs and self-isolation alone there have never been more people on social media platforms and brands looking to find a target audience or demographic, let alone know them well enough market successfully could find themselves overwhelmed. But the good news is that not only is it possible, but it's one of the best things you as a business can do to secure your footing in your chosen field. Demographic is defined by Google as "a particular sector of a population." As a band or organisation this translates to the specific portion of the population that you will be advertising or marketing to. To begin the process of identifying your personal demographic there are a boat load of handy methods you can use without even having to leave the house.

1. Customer personas. This method is key for continuity in your branding and marketing and is also a helpful resource for others in your team to conceptualise the corporate vision. A customer persona is often materialised in the form of rough outline of a fictional customer. This is usually then followed by a name, age, country of residence/ origin, likes, dislikes, dress sense etc. A customer persona can be as generic or specific as you'd like, but the more detail you add, the easier it is to tailor your marketing material to your Demographic.

2. Insights for foresight. If you've already got a rough idea of your Demographic but want to know more your insights are a great peep hole into their world. All social media informs have insights that vibe you valuable Intel on the age, gender and region of the people that engage most with your content and the times in which they are most active in your pages. This aids the scheduling of your marketing material as well as the creation of content tasty your audience can identify with.

3. Look at your competitors. It's not cheating or copying to look at your competitors demographic in your area of expertise. This often provides a foundation that you can then format further. E.g.: A new all-round streaming service may be targeting 18-25 year old's who have a love of all music, whereas a new rock music streaming company may also be aiming at 18-25 year old's but with a more specific taste in music. Looking at competitor demographics are great method for start-ups and even those further down the line that want to re-brand. It can also uncover areas of a demographic that aren't as catered for and can provide an avenue into a new niche.

Having to launch or re-brand a business in a world where loyalty comes and goes like the wind and reputation is only as strong as your last PR statement can be unnerving, but for those that want to springboard their online presence through honing in on a specific target audience this has never been a better time.

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