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Good branding vs bad branding

Branding is the most important aspect when it comes to starting a business. It is important that when starting a business to establish brand colours, a logo and a font that your customers will automatically recognise as your brand.

Good branding will include:


This is extremely important when it comes to branding! This is the only way in which your customers will become familiar with your business. If you aren’t consistent, potential customers will not recognise your brand and what you are selling.


Branding makes your business unique and helps your business to stand out from the rest. For example, Nike is known worldwide for their iconic tick. Creating a unique brand doesn’t need to be ground-breaking, you just need to have one particular element that helps you stand out from similar businesses.


To gain your customer’s attention you want to implement creative, interactive, engaging strategies. Your customer’s want to be able to connect with your brand and feel like they really know it. You want to use social media as much as you can and interact with your customers naturally.

Were you aware that these three things are the key to having good branding? If you do not implement these 3 things within your branding strategy then your business may not come across so well.

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