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How To Write A Great Caption

Today’s blog post will be quick and useful for you to apply on all of your social media platforms... Yes, all! Knowing how to create an engaging caption for your audience is what will take your post from great to even greater. But, in order to do that, there are certain essential tips to remember.

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1. Relatable

If your caption is accompanied by an image, it’s important to make sure your caption is relatable to the content you’re posting. Many times, people fall into the mistake of posting content, and their caption does not relate to the context of the image. This can be confusing as there are two different things being portrayed for the audience to understand. Therefore, ensuring your caption is relatable to your image is key.

2. Adds Value

A great caption is always valuable and aims to inform the audience on something clear and specific. Captions are a useful way of giving the reader more insight and context. As well as engaging with your audience too. So it is important to try and add value when you can. When writing your next caption ask yourself, 'what value has this caption added'?. Are the readers more informed or not much?

3. CTA

Last but not least, a ‘Call To Action’. A strong CTA allows your audience to know what action they should take next. Some CTA’s could be:

  • ‘Tap the link in the bio’

  • ‘Let me know what you think in the comments’

  • ‘Tag someone below’

  • ‘Head to our website to buy now’

These are only a few options you could possibly use. But, you can be as creative as you’d like. A strong ‘Call To Action’ is an opportunity to leave a lasting impression on all those who read your post.

If you haven’t applied any of these 3 tips to your social media captions, why not start today?

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