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Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

The world of social media has taken a fast approach to how we can grow our personal pages and brands to sell products or provide a service. With over billions of users active on several social media platforms.

For today’s blog post, we will be providing you with some guidance and essential steps to take, for when you start your social media journey.

Step 1. Knowing Your Niche

Your niche is by far the most important aspect as this identifies who you are and what you can offer to others. Understandably, you may not be certain just yet. But at least having an idea of what area you would like to explore, and what you want to offer will help you massively.

Step 2. Research of Competitors and Platforms

Once you have identified your niche, you will then be in the next stage to research your competitors in the same field as what you are heading to. Researching will give you further insight into what they are doing well and what you can identify as missing. What gaps can you see and what can you offer to fill those gaps?

When researching, also have a look into what platforms are being used. All platforms carry a specific purpose and have a certain audience. For example, If you are selling a product, Facebook and Instagram are most likely the best platforms to use as the content on the platform is great for pictures and videos.

Step 3. A Clear Bio

Now you have researched your competitors and created your platform. Your bio is everything! Asides from your content, it informs people who you are. What impression do you want people to have and what key information do you want people to know about your page the minute they see it.

Step 4. Creative and Consistent Content

When you’re creating content for your page, it’s important to ask yourself, “what value will this bring to others?” and “Does this align with my niche and what I aim to offer?”. By keeping these questions in mind, your content will be created with purpose and have a clear focus. As well as creating content, making sure the content is consistent is what will help your growth further.

If you do find yourself stuck on creating content, check out one of our previous posts that may help you here.

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Step 5. Captivating Captions with Clear CTA

Your captions go hand in hand with your posts. Ensuring that your captions are clear and specifically related to your post is important as it guides the audience and provides them with extra insight. Make your captions as captivating as possible.

If your caption is long, split the text so that it is easier to read for the audience. Also, placing emoji’s that align with the text to make it engaging too.

And most importantly… CTA! Which stands for ‘Call To Action’. What action would you like your audience to take after reading your caption? If you are posting about a product you’re selling, a good CTA would be ‘head over to our website and buy now'

Step 6. Engagement

Engaging with your audience and building key relationships will help your page to be seen and supported by others. Engaging such as liking, commenting and sharing content from people in your niche. And also engaging with those in your audience in the comments, messages or interacting on stories.

Step 7. Ask for Help If Needed!

Social media can become time-consuming. Especially if you have many responsibilities. But, If you need further guidance or assistance for your social media platform, there is no harm in asking for help. That's why we’re here!

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