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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS - How can we move forward?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

The year 2020 has been an unforgettable year so far for our history books, one I believe no

one will ever forget. A global pandemic occurred, many businesses closed down, and this

made room for many e-commerce stores to open. As well as this, there were several social

action movements which emerged, and several humanitarian crises to be made aware of.

All of this took place and was showcased on where? … Social media!

Whilst the world was in turmoil, social media never stopped. If anything, it kept growing and

getting better; and businesses, influencers and people all over the world realised how

powerful and impactful social media really is. Social media is an ever-changing phenomenon

that is both flexible and birthing new trends. Its adaptable nature showcases that we too as

people and businesses must adapt along with it.

This means that for many businesses, the way they approach social media must include a

new strategy entirely, to adapt to what is happening to our current climate. So here some

insights for you to implement into your own future strategy to get your started, so your

platform can excel in the social media world.

Post COVID Marketing…

There will be a huge digital media shift post Covid-19, due to the fact many consumers look

to social media to dictate what to buy and what decisions to make. But there are many ways

for brands to stay on top of the trends,

  1. One way of doing this is implementing the global ‘Tik-Tok’ trends within your marketing. Many people are visual therefore; they look for something to catch their eye and is quick.

  2. Another way is taking advantage of influencer marketing. Because many consumers look to influencers and personal brands to see what they are doing, or wearing. It’s very important that current or start-up companies follow this trend, and choose the right influencer for their target audience to help promote their service; due to the

fact 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations. I believe this is a

tactic that is already massively used, and will continue to be a highly requested

strategy even after COVID to use, as people crave more social media content.

Authentic messaging will go a long way…

With the current climate we are in, I believe social media marketing will become more

sensitive to the needs and values of the audience. With many communication brands such

as Facebook, Linkedin and Reddit who have recently increased their privacy policies and

monitoring “hate comments” more closely than ever before.

With that being said, consumers want to see that influencers and brand’s care about them

and want to take action on matters that are important to the individuals. People are looking

for brands that align with their core values. For example, sustainable and ethical produce,

caring about equality of sexes and race; pioneering social cohesion and integration.

Authentic messaging is what people are looking for and connect with the most. They want

to feel proud and comfortable to align with your brand, especially in a climate where many

communities are more vulnerable than most. This is one of the most important and valuable

things consumers look for when supporting brands.

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