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From once being a simple platform for users to share photos and videos of their personal lives and engage with others, social media has evolved into a multifaceted platform that allows brands/ companies to sell and engage directly with their target personally. The lines between commercial and personal have merged and more brands are finding innovative ways to engage their audience. With a huge pool of users on social media, audience engagement can fluctuate quite quickly. One day you could have 5000 followers, then the next day you could have 4950, at first this may create cause for concern but does this really matter?

What are vanity metrics?

In a nutshell, Vanity Metrics tell you how things look on paper - it lays out a shallow ended understanding of how you are doing on social media. These metrics mainly relate to the amount of followers/ subscribers you may have, amount of likes and or page/ profile views. Don’t get us wrong, these statistics and data can be helpful when you want an overview of how your profile measures on social media. However, relying on these metrics for social media growth and brand awareness isn’t enough.

When building your brand on social media, the key thing is use meaningful metrics that align with your business/brand goals. I.e. build brand awareness, generate sales etc. If you have business goals like these, rather than tracking your following according to quantity, it’s better to measure your following according to quality and that’s where actionable metrics come in!

What are Actionable metrics?

Unlike vanity metrics, actionable metrics often provide statistics and information that relates to your goals. These metrics help you to dig deeper and show how your content is performing on social media. For example if your goal is to drive brand awareness, looking at your impressions and reach are great metrics to focus on. Impressions tell you the number of times your content was on screen . Reach relates to the number of accounts that have seen you content. As you develop and grow your brand/ social media, remember to continually analyse your brand goals and check your insights regularly to track your efforts on social media!

Check out our infographic below to see the difference between vanity vs actionable metrics!

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