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Welcome to NT Media!

Welcome to NT Media!

The home of branding it better

We are a company that aims to inspire, create great content and provide brands/businesses with the confidence to expand their reach and connectivity on social media. Through our blog, we aim to share our latest updates in social media news, our perspectives and take you behind the scenes of what we do in our day to day.

The World of social media never sleeps, even during the current pandemic people and businesses are still thriving through social media marketing and branding. With an active 3.36 billion daily users on social media (and counting), our mission is to help people demystify social media marketing and create innovative solutions to take their brands to the next level.

At NT media, we believe that every brand deserves to become... impactful, unique and that’s why as part of our values we believe in:

Empowerment: Everyone deserves a voice in this world, and we ensure to work with brands to get their message across in the most authentic way.

People: A people centered agency with you in mind. We work with a range of people to help them achieve their social media marketing goals, from established businesses, personal brands to start ups, working together and serving others is at the heart of what we do.

Excellence: We are an agency that strives for greatness in all that we do. We believe in giving our best to our clients and the content that we create.

How do we help brands?

We offer a range of services, tailored for each client to help them in any of these areas:

  • Branding

  • Social media

  • Creative services

  • Content strategy

Just before you go! Make sure you meet our founder...

Leading us in the forefront is our founder Nissy Tee. NT Media was first founded in February 2020. Having seen a gap in the market for effective social media marketing and digital marketing, Nissy Tee made it her mission to provide a hub where all types of businesses and brands could be equipped with the right strategy, content and insights needed for them to flourish social media marketing.

“Like most things I ever create or start, NT Media was birthed out of a place of frustration. All I know is that I got sick and tired of people having these great ideas and not having anything practical to support it!

On far too many occasions I’d hear people tell me of these incredible businesses they wished to start or the amazing project idea they had, but when it came to actualising these ideas, they just didn’t know where to start. That then, intertwined with the fact that people would often get overwhelmed with the thought of running social media pages to support and boost their brand, was the very reason I started NT Media.

I wanted to create a platform that made social media easy; whilst giving people the opportunity to build the brands they desire at an affordable rate. I wanted anyone and everyone to have the chance to build a brand that represents them, their vision and their dreams in the best possible light.

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