The Brief


Founded in 1984, Ryanair is an Irish budget airline that has impressively made its mark as Europe's leading budget airline. Carrying over 130 million travellers per year, the company has fast become a staple when it comes to flying efficiently.

Our Approach

Ryanair's most important attributes represent being cost-effective and reliable. 

In order to stay true to that, it was imperative to keep the brand colours the same. A change in colours may cause loyal customers to feel disorientated.

With a new logomark and logotype using a cleaner typeface, brand application to various requirements such as advertisement, signage and digital application will prove effective.


The Challenge

In order for Ryanair to remain budget-friendly to its customers, they must keep their costs low on branding and advertising. Fair enough! 


After reviewing their entire branding and brand application, it demanded a complete refresh to give the brand a more modern, updated look.

On Brand

The new logotype retains a bold and prominent appearance, boasting in a midnight blue, without being blocky and outdated.

It's oblique form adds movement to each character, complementing the concept of travelling through the air. The addition of the logomark completes the logo for Ryanair, giving a fresh, new interpretation without straying from the inital look.


The positioning of the logomark on the logotype also conveys the shape of an airplane - the mark makes up the tail and the type makes up the body.

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